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Welcome to our free career tool section. A tool is simply a device intended to make a task easier. But remember a tool is only as good as the person using it. Every profession has their “Tools of the Trade”. A speech writer’s tool of choice is a pen or computer, and depending on how gifted a wordsmith that speech writer is will determine not only the effectiveness of the speech, but if it really strikes a chord it can change a person’s mind or a country’s course! In the same way, as you begin to think about your career transition or you are getting ready to explore your options you better have the right tools. Employers hire people they like. After all interviews I love to ask the question, “How was the chemistry?” because the answer to this question will more than likely be the deciding factor on who gets hired. It’s not magic; interview chemistry can be enhanced when you intently focus on the needs of the employer.

For all of our Clients (Candidates/Employers) Below are some free tools for & tips!

  1. Resume Writing
  2. Behavioral Based Interviewing
  3. Interview Preparation for candidates
  4. Qualify the position upfront by asking good questions
  5. How do I know if I should take the job
  6. Counter offer acceptance resignation letter
  7. Stop Staring at the Pizza
  8. The Resignation Blues
  9. Simple Sales Resume That Works
  10. (For Employers) How to Interview Sales Candidates

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