Our sole purpose is to provide our clients with a recruiting experience that is unequivocally the best approach to ensure they have access to the best candidates in the market (not necessarily on the market) and avoid a costly hiring mistake. While the majority of recruiters will troll the internet for resumes, we spend nearly every working hour tunneling into the market with one goal in mind; recruiting the best talent who are unattainable to you through traditional passive methods.

Our recruiting methodology can be most easily explained by
“The Universal Law of Cause and Effect”

The Law of Cause & Effect states that absolutely everything happens for a reason. All actions have consequences and produce specific results, as do all inaction/passiveness. The choices we make are causes, whether they are conscious or unconscious, and will produce corresponding outcomes or effects. The Law works the same for everyone at all times.

Over the course of several years we have discovered that the most effective way to find the very best talent is to aggressively prospect and network in the open market with your competitors – action. Sure you may get lucky once in a while through other passive methods (i.e.; job boards, newspapers and web site submissions) but if your goal is to have access to very best talent you have take action to cause the desired effect (hiring top talent). We achieve this by stimulating the market through purposeful strategic recruiting which is the only way to ensure your organization is utilizing the absolute best recruiting system that is proven.

What also distinguishes Veritas, is our attitude and ability. We are experts in communicating, persuading and influencing candidates. We are confident because we are successful.  We will not pitch your job until we know what the motivational trigger points and criteria for change is needed for them to make a move – we take a consultative approach. Once we have identified the links that ties your position with the candidates goals we are now ready to move them through the process and will guarantee we will do everything possible to ensure you can land the candidate of choice with no surprises in the end. It works- for every 2-3 candidates we submit one will get hired; the industry average is 6 interviews to 1 hire!

This is The Veritas Difference.

V alue- we give value first, VICTORY for all tends to follow!

E asy- we make it easy to do business with us, EXECUTE when you hire us you never have to worry we manage the entire process flawlessly!

R ecruiters- we are recruiters, not resume finders- we go after talent not paper! REAL what you see is what you get, we will always shoot straight and present the facts, not the hype!

I ntense- our business is intense, difficult to master, few do it well, we INVEST in training ourselves making sure we are the best recruiters we can be!

T ottaly committed to making sure you are better off working with us than not! TENACIOUS – we won’t give up and rarely take no for an answer!

A gile- we can and do adjust our strategy quickly if we need to, ensuring our clients will receive optimal service. ATTRACT – we are a magnet when it comes to luring top talent, we go after it hard!

S ales- our job is to sell, if we believe a candidate presents a solution for our client’s staffing challenge we will sell you on WHY- If we believe that a position represents a significant career boost for someone, we will sell the candidate on WHY the opportunity is better- because we believe it! SECURE – we will accurately align the right talent with the right opportunity!

Why Choose veritas?

  • Value Proposition
  • Speed in Candidate Identification Process

    • Our average search takes five weeks to complete.
    • When you work with Veritas Search Consultants you will find that we are able to produce great candidates quickly without sacrificing quality.

    Proven Search Methodology

    • 95% of every search we have accepted in the past five years has been successfully completed.
    • In 2011 Veritas Search Consultants placed candidates from three sources:
      • Referrals 39%
      • Direct Recruits 33%
      • Network (Internal Database) 28%
    • 100% of the candidates we placed came from sources our clients would not have been able to access except through our services.


    Candidates do not accept counteroffers.

    • Over the last five years we have only had one candidate not accept a client offer because they chose to accept a counteroffer instead.
    • We will not waste your time with candidates who are just shopping or positioning themselves only to improve their current situation. We uncover early on in our vetting process if a candidate is likely to accept a counteroffer. This saves you the time and frustration of having to start the search process all over again.

    Success / ROI

    • 85% of our candidates placed are still employed with the same organization three years later.
    • When you hire a Veritas Search Consultant’s candidate, you are not hiring a short term employee, you are hiring a successful team partner that desires to be with you and your organization to make an impact long term.

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