Our Search Process

Phase 1- Define the Search

Step 1: Needs Assessment.

searchWe prefer to work with the key stakeholders in the search process. These are the hiring managers who have a vested interest in finding the right candidates and anyone else within your organization that will participate in the hiring and selection of candidates, is there a sense of urgency in filling the position?, have you clearly defined the position? Once we have a clear understanding of what you are for looking we will recommend the best search approach so that you will receive the optimal return on your investment. During the Define phase we will work closely with the client and establish goals, milestones, responsibilities and key deliverables to ensure you receive the best return on your investment with mutual accountability.

Step 2: Create position requirements.

Review written positions specifications (if you have one), review qualifications, determine the “must haves”, compensation package (determine the competitiveness of the compensation), cultural nuisances, technical skills required, hiring process and group dynamics. We will address any concerns and offer recommendations. Each stakeholder will sign off on the search process established and position requirement.

Step 3: Develop your message.

Create a compelling story about your company and opportunity, organizational structure, corporate culture and value proposition.

Step 4: Create customized search strategy.

Compile a targeted list of sources to identify appropriate candidates. These sources include your direct competitors targeting passive candidates who are not actively looking, networking with industry contacts, tapping our proprietary database and utilizing leading edge technology sources.

Phase 2- Official launching of the search

Step 1: Identify all potential candidates

Search team enthusiastically tunnels into the market and delivers our clients message to our targeted candidate sourcing list.

Step 2: Interview and qualify prospects

All prospective candidates are contacted to determine their criteria for change (CFC), assess credentials, career objectives and level of interest. After our initial screening pass, we will schedule an in-depth interview utilizing a customized interview format consisting of behavioral and situation based questioning techniques designed to assess the candidate background, history of achievement, values, intellect, strengths and weaknesses and alignment with client’s cultural and business philosophy. Candidates who do not meet the criteria will be told and handled with respect and professionalism. If a candidate is a good fit for the position they will be invited to move forward through additional vetting checkpoints until we are satisfied that the candidates possess the personality, track record of success and have provided references to validate and endorse their claims.

Phase 3- Candidate Selection

Step 1: Candidate Presentation.

An assessment on selected finalists will be packaged for client review. The Assessment package includes:

  • A Resume or Curriculum Vitae
  • Some reference checks
  • Points of Interest (giving deeper scope of the candidates perspective)
  • List of Criteria Necessary for Change (this will be important and necessary to close the candidate of choice)
  • Detailed accounting of candidates strengths and weakness

Step 2: Client/Candidate Interviews.

Prepare both client and candidates for interviews. Help with the logistics of scheduling interviews so that all interviews proceed smoothly for candidate and client. Following each interview we debrief the candidate and client providing guidance and consultation when necessary.

This is also a good time to assess how we are performing ensuring that the candidates we are presenting meet the client’s expectation or we need to recalibrate our search.

Step 3: Narrow down final candidates/Trial Close.

Determine in consultation with our client a shortlist of final candidates. Confirm with each candidate their commitment to moving forward should an offer be extended. We want to know why they are interested in moving forward and if they are prepared to accept an offer should one be extended. We will not allow our clients to extend a written offer unless the candidate verbally accepts the offer terms prior to putting it in writing. At this stage in the interview process we have already addressed any concern, clarified the responsibilities and expectations- nothing is left to chance.

Phase 4- Search Conclusion

Step 1: Offer presentation/Acceptance

We will verbally present the offer, confirm acceptance from candidate, obtain a start date, manage candidate’s resignation process and reconfirm counter offer avoidance (which we discuss throughout the entire hiring process)

Step 2: Report Card

How did we do?

  • What are the three things we did well?
  • What three things do we need to improve?

Step 3: Post hire follow up/On Boarding

We will maintain a proactive relationship with the candidate to ensure they are transitioning smoothly in their new position. We will contact the candidate on two weeks after their start date, on their one-month anniversary, and after 90 days. If an issue or problem arises, we will address it immediately with the hiring manager and the candidate. Our goal is to make sure the candidate and the hiring manager have the best chance of successfully working together.

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