Epifanio talks about the “Post and Hope Syndrome”.

In light of the economic conditions facing all of us, we are all struggling to get things done with fewer resources. I am hearing more and more from my clients how tough it is for them to achieve their objectives using outdated processes specifically in the area talent acquisition. I call it the “Post & Hope Syndrome.” Here is how it works, you are looking to fill a position for a variety of reasons, someone quits, you don’t have the right person in the role, or you are expanding and adding a new position. You let your Human Resources department in on your plans and you begin to put the recruiting ball into play which goes something like this…

  • Prepare a detailed job description
  • Come up with a desired salary range
  • Ready, aim, fire → that job description into CyberSpace!
  • You now wait for Prince/Princess Charming candidate to somehow see your job and click and point their resume over to you. “Post & Hope” Sound Familiar??

To read more about this please see my full post on the subject called “The Process is Flawed” by clicking here

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